We have developed a proprietary technology solution called MasterTRAC, which takes a holistic approach to employing technology advances to help secure your greatest investments.

The MasterTRAC solution is an all-encompassing security protocol that certifies guards are on duty and making appropriate rounds, while recording their activities and reports electronically. This makes it easy for you the client and us to access and monitor security records and incidents in real time.

Digital Reporting

Incident Reports
Maintenance and Daily Activity Reports
Visitor/Delivery check in and out

Call in – Call out Automation

Produces “actual hours worked” for accurate invoicing
 Instantly alerts Operations Supervision if Guard does not report to post

Vehicle GPS Tracking

Real time monitoring of vehicle patrol routes
Alerts to Operations Supervision if vehicle leaves designated patrol area
Idle and safe driving alerts to provide a safe environment

Patrol Scan Points

Client Designated high priority patrol locations
Ensures key areas are visited and monitored
Locations can be altered as needed